Psynergy consulting psychologists

What is Psychology? Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.  It is both a thriving academic discipline and a professional practice.  Psychologists study behaviour by observing, measuring and testing, then arriving at conclusions that are rooted in sound scientific methodology.  Applied or practising psychologists use the knowledge gained from this research in a wide range of settings.  Applied psychologists help people with all sorts of problems and work in collaboration with them to bring about desired change.

Clinical Psychologists working with Psynergy are chartered with the BPS and registered with the Health Professions Council.  They provide psychological assessment and therapy to individual clients and offer evidence-based help with a range of emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, behavioural problems, managing stress, phobias, psychological effects of health problems, weight management issues and insomnia.


Therapeutic interventions are carefully designed to meet an individual's particular needs and the aim is to achieve an improved understanding of symptoms while providing the tools, in the form of proven therapeutic techniques, to enable recovery and the development of coping strategies for the future.


Business Psychologists provide our training and development services, and offer group and individual courses for development in business.  Business psychology focuses on your organisation's most valuable asset - the people.  This is achieved
by recognising the impact behavioural issues might have on the bottom line of any organisation; creating a psynergy of balance through individual wellbeing, education, information, engendering positive work cultures and teamwork.


Applied Psychology Service